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(Archived) Search should bring you to the line of text found within the note for all platforms

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First off, love Evernote, it supports my Getting Things Done lifestyle.

I am requesting an enhancement whereby the user enters a search and not only does the related notes with matching text show in the note view, but upon selecting the target note, the viewer scrolls to the first occurrence of the keyword found within that note.

As an example, I search for "Milk" as the search keyword and one note appears called "My Favorite Drinks." This particular note contains a long list of drinks I enjoy; including a particular brand of milk. Of course, I'm at the grocery store about to purchase my favorite milk and I forgot the brand. I click on the note and the contents are displayed on my phone. The reality today is that I then have to scroll through the note to find the "milk" keyword, which is highlighted, but I was unable to find a way to jump to it with the Android app. What I am requesting, is that every Evernote application jumps right to the first line of text that contains the keyword "milk" and immediately I can see that it was Hood Milk that I wanted to purchase.

Thanks for listening.


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