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(Archived) Livescribe Sky Pen and Organization

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I've been using Evernote for a couple of months and, while I think improvements could be made, am enjoying it as an organizational tool. Earlier this week I purchased a Livescribe Sky Pen and enjoy simultaneously creating digital / audio copies of my notes. The only problem lay in organizing my notes in a way that makes sense to me. I'm currently making my way through a large textbook and would very much like to create a stack from my Livescribe notebook that is broken down my chapter for easy reference. I noticed there is a tag system, however, I'm uncertain if this would be of any use to me. I use a MacBook Pro and the Livescribe 2GB Sky Pen. Anyone with any tips and tricks...your advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking to make maximum use of both of these tools. Thank you in advance.


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I've been trying to work out a search that would bring all my Livescribe Sky notes together, and only them. It'd be great if Evernote could implement a reliable tag using the 'sourceApplication' tag or the 'source' tag but for now you can search for 'resource:application/xml' and it seems to work.

So if you're using tags to organise your Sky notes, you can search for 'resource:application/xml -tag:*' to search for all your untagged Sky notes in Evernote.

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If there's a way to send LiveScribe notes to a special notebook, then that's an easy way to locate them before you assign them to their ultimate destination. It's more or less what I do with imported notes.

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry to have misled you, I was working on old information. Been a while since I used my sky Livescribe pen and notes.

I have just had a look on a Windows and Mac machine and whilst there is more functionality on the Windows machine (change date created) you have the following available on the mac

Add tags

Move to another notebook

Add location created

This has changed from the earlier version so that is good news.

This is all available from the 'i' on the Mac once you have opened the note, for those not used to making adjustments.

Best regards


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