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(Archived) Speech-to-Text Save

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Maybe I'm missing something, but is there an easy way to save speech to text notes? The advantage of this feature for me would be the ability to leave myself notes while driving. I have a one touch widget in my status bar that I can easily thumb without looking. But then it takes 3 clicks on small icons in various parts of the screen to save it.

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Here's the way I do it. Try some variation of this to see how well it might work for you.

  • I create a "Contact" on my iPhone. I set the email address to the one that Evernote assigned to me. On the Evernote Windows Client, that email address can be found under the "Usage" menu. (This is a 1-time step.)
  • I create an email on my iPhone and address it to the Contact which has my Evernote email address.
  • Then, when I have something I want to make an Evernote Note about, I tap on the microphone key on my iPhone and start talking to it. When I'm through, I tap "Done".
  • When I'm done creating speech to text notes, I "send" the email.
  • The next time I sync Evernote on one of my devices, the Note appears in text form.
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