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(Archived) unable to "copy link" in skitch 1.0.12


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this stopped working about a week ago. steps to reproduce:

1. use skitch to take a screenshot

2. click share in the lower left-hand corner

3. wait for confirmation box that pops up that says "saved to evernote"

4. click on the "click here to copy link" dialogue

expected result:

link is copied

actual result:

nothing happens

this is so annoying. anyone have any idea how to fix this? it just stopped working a few days ago. driving me nuts.

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I am in the same exact boat very frustrating, had a challenge since the switch. Then it worked for a couple days and now.........not at all. Unfortunately I have found it to be incredibly helpful in a lot of circumstances and now am a little lost.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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