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(Archived) Evernote could gain users due to Neat software $ upgrade

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Neat Receipts sent me a reminder that I need to upgrade my Neat scanner software.

"Your Neat software is out of date. Please update your software now. This critical upgrade will make your Neat software compatible with NeatCloud."

Critical? really?

Critical to who - me or Neat?

Answer: The newest Neat Receipts software requires the user to participate in their monthly NeatCloud storage. The NeatCloud fee ranges from $6 to $15 per month.

New Users are affected as well:

NeatDesk comes with a free 30-day trial of NeatCloud, which allows you to sync and back up your Neat files, and access them anywhere with your browser or mobile device.*

I've got 6 years of Neat Receipts and have switched over to Mint.com plus Evernote.

I am also checking out Expensify.com with Evernote.

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This isn't a Neat forum of course, but are you sure about the required part? I know they are pushing NeatCloud pretty heavily, but I was under the impression that it is optional. I'd be pretty surprised if they changed that.

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I don't have a Neat Scanner (I have a ScanSnap), but from what I can see on their site, the "required" bit applies to NeatCloud, not to the update itself:

"NeatCloud requires a free update to your Neat Software "

Obviously, you need to contact Neat for clarification.

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You might be right. The wording is questionable.

Optional would be super!

However, their promotional material implies there are only 3 possible choices.


I could not find anything that confirmed the upgrade would be available without NeatCloud.

Evernote is more transparent when it comes to pricing options.

I also have a ScanSnap and it works fine = more business for Evernote.

edit: I gave BDuncan's suggestion a try. The upgrade worked. Thanks

The upgraded version has a new option to turn off the NeatCloud registration requirement.

But I am going to stick with my move to Evernote.

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