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(Archived) Feature Request: Task Complete Checkbox

Ed Landau

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IFAIK the closest you can come now is with a couple saved searches.

Searching on todo:false will give you a list with just items with unfinished/unchecked items.

Once all items in a note are checked, it will fall off the list.

Then you can clean that up with a saved search of: todo:true -todo:false

Showing just the items with everything completed.

I run that periodically and select them all, and move them to a completed notebook.

My initial saved search for unchecked items normally only looks in a stack containing my inbox and my action items notebook, thereby ignoring anything in other notebooks, including the completed notebook. This particular organization becomes important when you consider that the search grammar does not allow you to search everywhere except one notebook (your completed or archive notebook) - in the fashion of -notebook:Completed

For me this is OK, because I also have checklists in a Template notebook, plus other 3rd party apps create their own notebooks. It works quite well for me to know that anything actionable and thus part of related saved searches is only going to be in my default notebook because I haven't finished processing it, or in my Actions Notebook. So I put them in a Stack and only search the stack for unchecked items.

I think you could automate the above with 3rd party tools.

MoveEver on iOS likely would, for one.

You could accomplish this with tags as well.

Let's say you assigned a tag of Active.

Then you create a search for tag:Active

Now when the item is done, it's one click to click the X on the Active tag (in windows, other clients may need a click and delete).

As soon as you do that, the note will disappear as it's not part of your search on the tag Active.

The other way of having items fall off your view, as a reminder, is using the search grammar to restrict by date.

See: http://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/

Searches like:

created:year or updated:year

Would show items only from the current calendar year, which is different from created:day-365

which would show a years worth of notes.

But I do like to use updated:day-7

When I'm reviewing the log items of what I've been working on for a weekly meeting, I can quickly with a saved search bring up everything new since the last meeting.

Then like above, you have a second saved search to clean things up.

Say you want to look in your Actions notebook for notes with all items completed (non-checkbox containing items ignored), but not the last 7 days so that you can cover them in this weeks meeting, and move the old items to a Completed notebook.

Search: notebook:Actions todo:true -todo:false updated:day-7

Select All on the results, and move them to your Completed notebook.

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