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As Evernote note content is based in the HTML format, yes, it does "support" wrapping text around images, but the Windows client (and no other ones that I know of) do not support creating formatting like that.

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Darn. It this something that will be corrected in a future release? Is it on the development list.

Couldn't tell you. I'm not an an Evernote employee, and even if I were, Evernote folks do not generally share their development plans with the general community.

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I am using Evernote on Windows 7. Just tried to insert a picture into a note and I found that the words won't wrap around it. Does Evernote support word wrapping?


You can insert images into a table, this will then allow text to appear along side them/it.

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Evernote has some deficiencies in terms of content formatting (it can display more complicated content than you can create in its UI). If you want to do page layout, you're better off using a dedicated program for that.

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Old thread but as far as I know it is still not possible to affect image position and wrapping via the (Windows) UI. For the fussy, it can be done without too much trouble outside the app...

  1. with Evernote, export the note as .enex (to wherever you'd like to work on it)
  2. open the enex file with a text editor
  3. find your image's tag (that starts with <en-media)
  4. add to, or replace, its style parameter
    - it may be set to cursor:default;
    - add float:right; or float:left; depending on which side you want it to appear
    - text wrap should be automatic
  5. save the enex file
  6. with Evernote, import the edited enex file
  7. you should now have two copies of the note: original and edited
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