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(Archived) Windows 7 notes not legible with Android

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Hi, I'm new here and have just began to use Evernote. Sorry if the question does not belong to this forum. I hope you will forgive for my terrible english...

Here is my problem: I have instaled Evernote on my tablet, smartphone and PC.

There is no problem to synchronize notes between tablet-smartphone (android), but when I create/modify a note with Evernote Windows...

- they are not synchronize with the tablet/smartphone

- they are opened but cannot be edit

It seems not to recognize bulleted / numbered list.

What am I doing wrong? Maybe android and windows op are not compatible??

Thank your for your help.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. You'll be aware that the "cloud" version of your notes is the master copy - everything you create in Windows and on the Android is synced back to the Evernote servers, then on to the other clients you own. So to get from Windows to Android the sync is Windows>Server>Android and back the other way.

If your Windows client isn't syncing for some reason the notes may be too large, have invalid titles or just exceed your monthly upload limit. The Windows note editor is (or should be) far more flexible than the Android editor - that's an OS issue - so changing notes created in another client can be challenging.

Windows should be most flexible though - if you're still having problems check your internet connection.

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