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(Archived) Brand new user, need some help

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I just got evernote on my phone and laptop. It immediately created something - a Note?...... It simply says Note @ 5 New Gelead, North Carolina. I deleted it twice and it keeps coming back. I don't live in New Gilead. What's happening?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi - welcome to Evernote.

Step 1 - don't panic

Step 2 - rather than delete the note, try changing the heading to "test note 1" and go from there.

Explanation - Evernote works on 'notes', and by the sound of it you have only one, so the software objects to you deleting it's only content. There's something called 'smart titles' which do their best to fill in a sensible title from where the laptop/ phone thinks you are, or what you're doing at any given time. You might want to find out more about this and turn it off if it doesn't work for you. (You need GPS for the location..)

There's a bit of a learning curve, but we're here to help - please tell us what hardware you're using when you get problems, and search the forums here - there have been lots of questions already and you may well find the answers you need without needing to post.

Good luck..

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