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(Archived) Making new notes from Word docs, line spacing issues


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The Clipping option for Windows (windows key + A) from within Word makes that my notes contain extra white lines, which I don't have in my Word document.

I think this comes from the fact that Word 2010 (the version I use) has the 'default' option of adding a white line on a line-break. As I find this a very annoying 'feature', I changed my Word's paragraph settings accordingly. Sadly, apparently Evernotes Clipping option does not seem to take this into account at all, and I have unwanted white lines all over the place.

If I just do a select in Word -> Ctrl-C -> make new note -> Ctrl-V it works fine. However, I would really prefer not having to do that.

For the record, I use Windows 7 (64 bits) with MS Office 2010, and Evernote for Windows 4.5.

Hoping on a fix,


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