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(Archived) Evernote 5 delete button missing from individual notes!



Only way I can find to delete a note in the new version 5 is by right click on the note and delete, in previous version 3 it was so much easier with the delete icon in the top menu and in the note itself.

Anyway, this is just a bit of feedback as I have already downgraded to the version 3 where I can actually do some work.


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I feel your pain - I mentioned this in beta. They reminded me I can just hit the delete key when I'm viewing the note, so that's what I do now.

There's many little things like this that change my workflow up so much, and slowed me down at first. Habits/work-flow dies hard. But after a few days, I'm about back up to speed and I think the new workflow saves me steps, in the long run (like just hitting that delete key). The trick is being patient getting over the hump & learning curve. And being able to cuss with abandon, because that's my secret to learning anything new... :rolleyes:

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