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(Archived) Free and open source: Command Line Evernote Tag Manager



Available on github at https://github.com/DrSkippy27/ENTags

Evernote tag utilities (alpha version). Library and command line utility.

These rough tools do not come with any warranty or assurances of data integrity! Know what you are getting doing, think twice, use carefully!


  • Python (you may need to install readline)
  • Spell checker requires aspell
  • EN API library from http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/
  • I have run on OSX and Linux. It is very likely you can use on Windows with some tweaking.

Configuration: 1. copy ENTags_example.cfg to ENTags.cfg 2. Enter your credentials 3. It is highly recommended you work against the sandbox environment first to understand how ENTags can help (and hurt!) 4. Edit the run_cnote and run_tests scripts to point to your EN library installation 5. Optiopnal run ./run_tests -- this will create and delete new tags as it runs 6. run ./run_cnote -- this strats the ENTags shell environment


  • This is a tag manager, you cannot create or delete notes with this utility
  • When you delete a tag, it is moved under then trash_cnote tag. You can delete it in the standard web or desktop client if you like
  • spellCheck provide suggestions for tags not in the dictionary, you have to change the tag names manually with renameTag
  • Shell has history, just use the up and down arrows
  • You can write the output of any command to a file by appending "> filename" to the command
  • 2 and 3 letter commands are shortcuts for regular commands "rt = renameTag"
  • Where applicable, commands can accept regular expressions. For example, to list tags starting with "Dog" use "^Dog", to list tags containing dog use "dog" (not including quotes)
  • Use double quotes (only) for tags containing spaces e.g. "tag name"
  • If you change anything through another interface while using cnote, use the sync command to update cnote to the current state
  • noteCounts without argument list takes a long time if you have many tags
  • deleteTagCounts will remove ALL tags with note count less than argument, use this power wisely.


To get help:

ENTags> ./run_cnote

Evernote Command Line structure manager. Version 1

en> help

Documented commands (type help <topic>):


createTag dt listTags mt renameTag sync

ct dtc ln nc rt up

deleteTag exit lt noteCounts sc updateParent

deleteTagsCount listNotebooks mergeTags quit spellCheck

Miscellaneous help topics:


quotes file

Undocumented commands:




For any specific command, use:

en> help deleteTagsCount

deleteTagsCount (dtc) - deletes tags with note count less than the argument



en> ln

(results: 12)

General Notebook

Strategy Games & Decisions

Computers & Mathematics


Project Resources

Recipes & Cooking


Data & Visualization




Physics Chemistry & Biology

listTags (no arguments lists all of your tags):

en> lt loc

(results: 6)

block printing





locative art

en> lt ^loc

(results: 4)




locative art


en> up "locative art" art

Tag: locative art successfully updated with parent: art

en> up "James Fallows" people

Tag: James Fallows successfully updated with parent: people

create and delete tags:

en> ct "delete me"

Creating tag: delete me

en> dt "delete me"

delete me: Deleted

Count notes tagged with a specific tag (empty tag list processes all tags--WARNING, this may take long time!):

en> nc networks

networks ...................... 44

en> nc networks people

networks ...................... 44

people ........................ 1

Merge tags (update all notes with tag "doggies" to have tag "dogs", delete "doggies", both tags must exist.)

en> mt teleconferencing "video conferencing"

Updating teleconferencing --> video conferencing in 3 notes...

updated: "Glowpoint - Telepresence | Video Conferencing | Managed Video Services"

updated: "Avistar Provides Virtualized Desktop Videoconferencing and Multiparty ... - Techzone360"

updated: "HD Telepresence, Video Conferencing Solutions - Vu TelePresence"

Delete tags with fewer than n notes (n required; empty tag list processes all tags, will not delete tags with children):

en> dtc 2 yeti

Deleting tags with fewer than 2 notes (this may take time)...

yeti deleted (1 notes)


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visithttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.

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