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(Archived) shortcut to toggle to note list


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I am wondering a couple of things.

I keep a projects list of various projects (defined in the GTD way of one or more tasks needed to complete this project) in a notebook in Evernote.

I go through all of the projects once a day and affix "NEXT ACTIONS" to each of the projects which require next actions. I am trying to figure out a faster way to do this.

For some reason what I am having to do is to go from note to note with my mouse and edit each note.

What I would like to do is to be able to:

  1. Toggle easily and quickly between each note and edit it -- without using the keyboard. (In the previous iPhone Version I was able to do this.)
  2. For some reason when a note gets editted and I go back to the note list it takes me back to the first note on the list and than I have to scroll back to the bottom. Very annoying.


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Try using the Alt+LeftArrow "Go to Previous Note" shortcut key to go back to the note that you edited previously. Works like it does in most web browsers. There's also Alt+RightArrow ("Go to Next Note)".

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