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Audio Note recorded on Android device won't play back on iPhone

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I recorded many audio notes on Evernote using a Motorola Droid X. The files were saved as .amr

Now I have an iPhone 5 and I can't play back the audio notes. There is no error message, it just pulls up the note and starts the player at the top of the screen but sits and doesn't play.

Is this a problem with the .AMR file type? Is there an app I can download that will allow these to play? Can I convert them if not?


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+1 I have the same problem.

I have an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S1) and an iPod Touch 4g. I usually use my iPod because I like the interface better. I almost always choose to record in my iPod instead of my android phone because then it'll play on either device. But if I record on my Android phone then it'll only play on my android phone. And even then it's buggy since it uses an external media player.

I would like it very much if the android version could adopt the .wav codec like the iOS version instead of the really obscure .amr format. Plus I would also like it if the Android version had an internal player so that we don't have to download a sketchy player from the Google Play store. (plus it's really really hard to find any players that play the .amr format).

my android version of evernote is on 4.3.1.

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(Evernote is not available for my Android 1.5 phone, but fortunately apps that communicate with DropBox allow storing notes from a variety of apps. I dump all my phone activity to Evernote via DropBox. I started using voice notes and phone recordings because they were so easy to manage with Evernote on the PC.)

I've had a similar problem with sound recordings except that my phone stores .3GP files. I found a .3GP player for my PC, and a converter program that stores .3GP sound recordings as .MP3. I only convert the recordings I need to share. Most recordings are searchable with a couple of manual tags, but Evernote apparently transcribes my .MP3 recordings and can index them by content. ("Apparently," because I'm not clear whether Evernote does the transcription, or if some third-party addon is doing that part. Some of the transcriptions are nearly perfect, except for occasional skipped words. Others are ridiculous. There does not seem to be a middle ground where transcriptions are useful, but have errors.)

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This problem - of iphone not being able to pay back notes created in android - is very real. I thought Evernote was a multi-platform app?

What is the solve for this?

Is this actually for real? I've recorded loads of notes in android and I cannot play them back on ipad? That really is not in the least bit useful Evernote team... I've loved using Evernote on my phone (Samsung galaxy s3) but I can't open the audio files on ipad... Gutted.

Evernote should use the same file type for each device otherwise the whole idea of cross platform synchronisation is completely obsolete. Hugely disappointed to say the least.

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It is now possible to do this! You need to download the VLC Player app.

1) select your note

2) click "tap to download"

3) evernote opens another screen. On this screen, tap the iOS "share" icon (box with arrow pointing upward).

4) select "open in vlc"

5) your note opens in vlc. Tap to play.

Works on ipad as well.

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On a parallel line with Windows 8.1 on my PC, Android on my tablet and phone


If I add an Audio Note on the PC,  the format is saved in .WAV form


This won't play even with VLC Player app for Android as named by Evernote. It is possible to play the file if I rename the file by deleting the time reference which has dots ( . ) in the format.


Notes created on the Android platform are saved as an AMR file and even with the colon ( : )  and dots ( . )  open and play on both platforms.


Are there any suggestions to make this simpler?

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