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(Archived) Feature Request: Choice of Outgoing Email Address When Sharing

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Please provide a way of choosing different outbound email addresses ("from" address) when emailing notes. If not a dropdown of choices, the ability to set one address per notebook would still be beneficial.

For instance, I'd like to send business related notes from my business email account, but everything else from my personal account. Sending business notes with my personal account looks unprofessional at best and/or hits junkmail filters at worst.


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+1 for some limited functionality around sending emails. Being able to choose a 'from' address would be nice, as well as -say- saving a list of recent outbound email addresses used so I don't have to keep pasting / typing. Of course that might make Evernote an ideal spam factory - spoof someone else's address and put your message in a note then sit back and watch your bandwidth light up. But I'm sure the devs can get around that..

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