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(Archived) Sharing Evernote Articels in Facebook - Immature !


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Hi Everynoteones,

i have an another problem with Evernote for Windows and sharing some Evernote Articels to Facebook.

It seems like immature, because the format i do is not the same in the online version.

For example: i want to publish Photos for some Inspirations and after successfully Synchronisation i share

the opened (released) link - and i am angry about the online site...

I do not know, what i also make to do for an one by one (1:1) implementation - so i decided: at the moment, it is not

useful to sharing it with Evernote -_-

Good Evening and i will looking forward to a mellow sharing. :)

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i think it can also be a problem with firefox browser, but i mean

  • formats like text spaces, lines and number lists...
  • than, the link you can click will not work (the source link you entered in evernote will not opened in firefox)
  • problems with tags
  • problems with showing pictures - some are very big and the centering is not even the same i set...

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I think this might just be how we're clipping the pages. I would guess this is true if you share them on Facebook, Twitter or just copy/pasted the note URL into your browser?

Do the web clips look fine in Evernote?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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