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(Archived) Mac: Evernote 5.0 - Command-F (find) bug



I have the new 5.0 Evernote for Mac and there is a bug that is absolutely maddening to me. When I am in a note and I hit "command-f" to "find within the note itself" it works fine. Focus is brought to the search/find box and I can type a phrase and the search will happen. I can keep hitting enter to go to the next place within the actual note that the search phrase is found.

Now - If I have found the proper spot in my note by searching and I click within the note itself to type, copy, paste, scroll, review, etc....the search/find box looses focus (as one would expect). Here is where things go terribly wrong. Now if I want to search again for another phrase and I hit "command-f" nothing happens! I am still in the note. Focus will not return to the search/find box. I have to manually click on the search/find box to re-search. This is something that has changed with the 5.0 version. Previously whenever you hit command-f it would immediately return focus to the find/search box no matter what. This functionality is something I use quite frequently as I have huge notes for studying and frequently bounce around within a specific note.

Can this be fixed?

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