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(Archived) Is there a way of searching all notes created with clearly?


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Hi Jhannes,

Yes, there is :P


Knowledgebase Article:


One trick that I use to try and find search terms is to use the list view. You can add columns such as Source and SourceApp which will give you hints as to what search operator to use, and how to use it to find what you are looking for.

You will find that most apps that interact with EN will populate these fields so, you can take advantage of them :P


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Hello Scott,

Here's an example of the point you made about applications not filling in the sourceApplication field. "source:Clearly" works, "sourceApplication:Clearly" does not.

Maybe that is why the document you linked to doesn't list the "sourceApplication:" operator as far as I can see, which is strange since it's a bona fide part of the Search Grammar. If Clearly fills that field in you should be able to use:


But as I said, that does not work.

-- roschler

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