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Just wondering what other programs people might use that work with Evernote.

I read a posting that someone mentioned "Journal", which I downloaded and can't live without! It has allowed me to set up a daily journal that I used to use a Daytimer for - journal of phone calls received, listing of things to do as I remember them - all using a checkbox, which I can then use a saved search for unchecked items, print them out as a reminder of what needs to still be done and carry it in a book with my support materials. Again, I can't live without this little "add on" and wonder what else might be used.

Presently I use Evernote as just a dumping ground for all docs, notes, etc., but I don't feel I am using it to it's full potential and am hungry for more "life lessons" - how other people use it.

Thanks for any and all recommendations.

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Hi SaltyPaws,

This is a good question and I am looking forward to seeing replies from other users. One of the best ways to learn about integration partners is to check the Trunk periodically to review the available options.

I use a few different apps with Evernote that I find increase my productivity.

  1. FileThis is a service that monitors your various online accounts and sends new documents to Evernote. For example, they support many banks, utilities, investment, and insurance companies. Link FileThis to your online accounts with their supported business partners, then FileThis checks for new documents once a week and sends them to Evernote. https://filethis.com
  2. IFTTT (If this then that) - This is an excellent solution to help automate many online activities. I use IFTTT to monitor some RSS feeds for particular content and then have the posts that meet my filter criteria sent to Evernote. I also use IFTTT to send updates from LinkedIn and Facebook to Evernote. There are many other trigger applications you can use to have information automatically sent to Evernote. https://ifttt.com
  3. KustomNote is great to assure a consistent format for a particular type of note. I am currently using it to create and manage a home inventory. I have several other ideas in mind but I need to get through the home inventory first. You can get other ideas for how people are using KustomNote by looking at the public templates that are available. kustomnote.com
  4. EV is a quick way to create a new note in Evernote by sending a text. www.txtev.com

I use Evernote on Windows and my Blackberry. There are several iOS third party apps that look like they would be beneficial but I have not been able to evaluate these.

I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas.


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What do you use workflowy for? I found it too messy for a task manager - I was constantly clicking on + signs and - signs to expand the text so I could actually see what was going on.

I use Workflowy for creating outlines. There are a lot of requests for better outlining in Evernote. Not much need when there is a powerful program like Workflowy to export the finished outline into Evernote.

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Workflowy is soooooo good JB.

What do you use workflowy for? I found it too messy for a task manager - I was constantly clicking on + signs and - signs to expand the text so I could actually see what was going on.

Workflowy<CheckVist any day of the week

I hated clicking the tiny circles in workflowy, it was very slow and unituitive.

Checkvist can be entirely keyboard driven and is way faster.

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