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(Archived) Keyboard support for notebook/tag when adding/editing note



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What about notebook? And I guess two related questions:

1 - Where can I find a summary of keyboard shortcuts? (since there's no obvious entry in Help)

2 - Why not put these in the tab order so that tabbing & shift-tabbing work? That's how I tend to navigate since otherwise I have to memorize keyboard shortcuts on an app I don't use all that often because I'm usually on my phone.

Maybe my problem isn't missing functionality but just missing usability ... but I hope it's still fixable.

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CMD-L will jump you to the Note Title

CMD-' will jump you to the Note's Tags

It's great to know, thanks for the info

But simply using Tab and Shift+Tab to move back and forward between fields (tags, title, body) would be more natural as it works the same way in all applications - and it worked in previous versions too.

Not to mention for ' one has to use a shortcut already on a localized keyboard that makes it more complicated - way more complicated than using tabs.

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