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(Archived) Mindmanager files in EN ?

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I just finished doing a mindmap in Mindmanager and wanted to drop the file into Evernote. No way....

That's not good. I like to use Evernote as my first and only place of note storage. I like and sometimes need to include files. Usually I can live pretty well with the restrictions of file types ... but needing to move my Mindmanager maps some external way so tomorrow I can work with them together elsewhere ... no. That's like moving a bunch of docs & what not around on a USB stick...

In short: will mindmanager maps become a supported file type?

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In the next major release, we will allow Premium users to attach any file to a note. This will behave similarly to file attachments in an email client.

Any update on the ability to attach arbitrary files? It looks like this must be close - below is a screen shot from one of Dave's public notebooks, and here is the permalink. I downloaded the files and it seems to work great.



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