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(Archived) Evernote Mail to Exchange Server

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I have a problem which is probably more to do with our school's Exchange mail server setup or perhaps MailMarshall SQM than with Evernote: when I send email from within Evernote to my school account it is not delivered. If I send it from within Evernote to any other account (e.g. @me.com, @gmail.com) it is delivered. Has anyone else experienced this and / or is there a solution?

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Sounds like it might just be your spam filter - don't give it here, but what's the sending address show up as if you send from your account to your personal email address? It should be the email address you used to set up the account. You can change this if you go to the My Account / Personal Settings page online. Do you have an address you can use that won't be trashed by the spam filter?

-If you're already using what 'should' be a white-listed address, it could be the filter is triggered by different content in the email. If you can do so, try sending a copy of a full email source code to the sysadmin of your school system with a request to allow it through.

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