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(Archived) Lost ability to create notes offline - WM

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The ability to create notes offline seems to have been revoked in this version. I was able to add new notes without having to login to evernote but now the updated client is letting me enter new text notes only after logging into the service.

Help - i am routinely in places without wireless and not having this functionality robs me of using the WM client everywhere except at home. This is a major usability issue for me as i am trying to use evernote as an extension of my brain and jotting thoughts whenever i get them.



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Thanks for the report. This wasn't intentionally "removed", but was a side-effect of another change we made in authentication. With the latest version, if you log on, you can then create notes offline for a while, but not if you exit the app completely.

We'll improve this in the next WM release ... it's at the top of our list of feedback from users.

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