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Keyboard Shortcut to Change Notebook? (And thoughts on improving ability to process notes)



I dunno if I'm just not finding it, or if it's not there. Can anyone tell me if there is a keyboard shortcut to assign a note to a notebook?

I know I can edit the note title (CMD L) and the note tags (CMD '). Is there a shortcut for editing the assigned notebook for a note?

If no - please consider this a feature request!

Similarly - I would love to see some thought put into improving the workflow of categorizing notes that I dump into my inbox. I dump A LOT of notes into my inbox covering a LOT of different types of information.

Right now, it requires the mouse to change the notebook (as far as I can tell...) I would love to see something like a keyboard shortcut to "catagorize note" which then opened a box where my cursor began in the box to assign a notebook, then a tab would take me to the next box to assign tags, and a third tab would let me edit the title before a fourth tab would take me to the "save" button. Something along these lines would go a long way toward helping me process my EN inbox and make sure all the things I dump in there get put in the right places so I can find them again!



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Cmd-Cntl-M is helpful. Would be great to additionally assign a Mac-based keyboard shortcut for "Move to '<last_notebook_moved_to>' Again".  I see no such shortcut (I'm on EN 6.0.8, Mac OS 10.9.5). I vaguely recall there used to be a shortcut for this menu command - maybe I misremember? Maybe I configured something on my system to make it disappear?


In any case, how can I get/make said shortcut?  Even if it involves some short-term hack I configure on my system?


And/or: make the 'Cmd-Cntl-M' shortcut popup the last-moved-to-notebook at the top of the list... which it unfortunately does not do right now.


All of this is targeted towards the scenario where I'm (repeatedly) moving many non-contiguously-listed notes to the same notebook. I move each one only upon viewing (each note). Selecting all the notes at once is a non-starter.

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Searching further: the Mac OS add your own application keyboard shortcut stuff does not appear that it will work, because the menu-command text is not always the same--the '<last_notebook_moved_to>' value (above) changes every time one moves to another notebook.


Bummer. Maybe this is in part why Evernote devs haven't (yet) added the shortcut, either. However, this is an _important_ keyboard shortcut for my EN productivity and workflow. Any ETA on when I can get it?  (I'm a Premium user, in case that matters.)

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