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(Archived) Make web pages actually readable on devices like the iPad Mini, or smaller?


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Hi I love evernote. However I have found it is virtually unusable on my new iPad mini,, as it seems to format web pages as though my iPad was an iPhone, only showing me a small rectagular area in lanscape mode and making the writing appear very small in portrait mode also. I don't know if this is a formatting issue, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the page to resize to full screen in lanscape mode, evernote simply presents the page in what it thinks is an appropriate scale, making the page all but impossible to read, particularly if like me you don't have great eyesight.

There is however a potential resolution for this. he guys over at Readability.com have largely solved this problem in a similar way that Opera Mini does, by allowing the user to copy the page and have it reformated via the cloud, to ensure that it is as clear and as readable as possible on smaller devices. You can find this app here. Please look at it and consider incorporating this functionality into evernote:


They also provide bookmarklets for Safari that allow the reader to 'read the page now', 'read it later' (or save it for offline reading), or to 'send to Kindle', which alows the cleaned up page to be sent to a kindle device. The read later feature is a bit like some of the features of Evernote. However clearly evernote has many more useful features and also a lot more staying power diue to the sheer size of its userbase and the resources at it's disposal to really develop features like this.

Please, please incorportate this functionality into Evernote, as I am currently not able at all to use it on my newly purchaced device.

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I notice that if I share an article in Evernote to Pocket [formerly Read It Later] on my Samsung GS3, I can then use the font changing ability on the latter program to read a web page more easily. I, of course, wish this could be achieved without transferring a note out of Evernote. I wonder if this method of sharing from Evernote to Pocket to adjust the font works on the ipad mini as I am considering this device as well.

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Here is a way to increase the EverNote font on an iPad Mini!

For those of us with less than precise vision, larger EverNote fonts on the iPad mini would be a blessing.

Until the EverNote team gets their act together, here is a workaround that actually works.

(The first time you do this exercise will take a minute. The second time will only take a few seconds.)

1. Load EverNote on your PC or Mac. (I know this note is about the iPad, just be patient!)

2. Create a new note with a title of something like “BIG FONT NOTE”

3. Start the first line of the note with any character to your liking. (I use a “>”).

4. Hit the return a five times and start the last line with any character to your liking. (I use a “>”).

5. “Control A” to “Select All”

6. Now choose the font and font size that you really want to work in.

7. Select “Sync” to Save.

8. Now look to your list of Notes and right click on this Note.

9. Select “Copy Note”

10. Select your notebook name.

11. You will see that you have created two BIG FONT NOTEs.

12. Now repeat right clicking and copying until you have created as many notes as you create in a few days.

13. Sync your computer.

14. Now load EverNote on your iPad and Sync.

15. Your BIG FONT NOTEs are ready for use on the iPad min. Anything you type between the first line and the last line will be in the BIG FONT.

Leon Roomberg

www.roomberg.com 12/21/2012

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