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(Archived) Spotlight search always opens main window



Great to see Evernote working with Spotlight again in 5.0. One issue though: when I search for and open a note via Spotlight, the note opens in its own window as I would expect. But the main Evernote window also opens, even though I had previous closed it. I would like only the note window to appear, and not the have main interface pop up.

I remember this being an issue when Spotlight integration was first announced in 3.x, and it was then fixed to open only the note window. This was a very nice feature, and it would be great to have it back.


Update: This is a particular pain if the main Evernote window is full screen. The note will open on the current space, but then focus will switch to the main window which is full screen on its own space, and you have to navigate back to see the note.

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Another pain point here: if you Spotlight search a document, the main window focus goes to the Notes "tab", and the screen is empty as if a search with no results had been run. Any context that had been in the main screen is lost.

The use case here is that I've run a search and I'm working with the results in the main window. I just had a thought and I want to capture it in a different document, one that isn't a part of my search results. So I Spotlight search the document, which pops it open and I make my notes. Now I go back to the main window to pick up where I left off with the search results — but no they are gone.

If I want to keep working with these search results, but quickly edit another document, it seems like my only recourse is to pop up a whole new Evernote window, then search, make my changes, close the note window, close the second Evernote window. Which seems silly when Spotlight is sitting right here and (mostly) works.

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