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I love the Notebook > Grid View, but i don't get why all the notebook has to look the same.

Could there be a "insert cover image"? .. Or use this image as cover, if there is a note inside the Notebook that contains a image?

Would be a bit more creative if you ask me..

// Poul

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I think the OP is talking about the view that v5 provides of all notebooks.

this isn't currently configurable and has been discussed on here a fair bit I believe.

The notebooks on the iPad used to show a Card View like look of a note from the Notebook. It wasn't exactly configurable, but it was a little more useful than a bunch of identical icons. The view is configurable in the sense that you can also choose List View (top-right corner). It takes up a lot less space and is easier to browse (in my opinion) but also lacks any way to distinguish one notebook from another. Customizability is always nice, but historically Evernote has generally stayed away from it (relative to some other apps that are customizable down to the nth degree).

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