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(Archived) Feature request: click / tap and drag like OneNote

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This has probably been requested many times but I'll bug the developers again. I'm close to converting from OneNote, which I love, to Evernote, which I mostly like better, EXCEPT...

It is vastly easier to stay organized in OneNote because instead of cutting and pasting a paragraph or table row I can click on them and easily drag them to a new position. I find the especially useful with tables. As I decide a lower row is more important I can move it up when evaluating software for instance or designing a business model or some conceptual framework.

Evernote tables are still barely useful for most of my work. Maybe it isn't possible to have this drag feature in a synced product. I'm sure the coding is complex unless there is a class for this somewhere.

I would like this feature on at least the iPad, Mac, and Windows products.

Also, highlighting is very useful.

- jim

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