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(Archived) How do you use Evernote to plan for christmas?

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Just to hear what other users are doing and maybe get some ideas - do you use (and how) Evernote to plan your christmas / buying gifts?

Currently I'm creating notes for all the wishes I receive from people, and then I have 2 notes with all the people we need to give gifts to. One where I can check off whether or not I have received a list from them and the other to check if I have purchased a gift for them, so no one is left behind by accident :) I would initially have liked them to be in just 1 note, but seems I can't control the column width of inserted tables into the Mac client of Evernote, it seemed a bit overkill to have 25% of a 4 column table dedicated to a tiny checkbox (specially when there should be 2 checkboxes, so 50% of the table would be 2 checkboxes only... it looked weird).

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