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(Archived) Better keyboard shortcut support in Evernote 5 for Mac



Please please provide better keyboard shortcut support with Evernote 5 for Mac

With Evernote 5 for Mac, the Jump-to-NoteBook shortcut is very useful for sure, thanks much for the great work on that! But there's still several very common operations that I believe any intensive user is doing over and over again with mouse, below are just some example:

- Jump-to-note (versus Jump-to-NoteBook)

Very often I remember the title of the note I want to jump to (e.g. "Common linux commands", "FooBar project road map") instead of the name of the notebook. It would much more convenient if there's a shortcut to open a input box just like jump-to-notebook, and I can just type the name of the note to directly jump to it.

- Focus the note

AKA, move the caret to the body of the selected note. After jump-to-notebook, I'm at the list of the notes within that notebook and I can use up/down to select the note. But I have to type command-L to focus the title of the note first, then type TAB to focus the body. Adding one quick shortcut to directly focus the body is not just to save only one button press, but could be extremely useful when my current focus is at somewhere else like the search box, refer to below

- allowing navigation shortcut while searching notes

Currently I can type option-command-f to start searching all my notes, and use command-g to cycle through occurrence. But couple problems while doing that:

* command-g only cycles within the current selected note; if there're multiple notes containing the keywords, I have to use mouse to click the next note, and get back to keyboard to use command-g again; ideally I should be able to either only use command-g to continue to the next note, or type certain key like TAB to select the next note

* after I found the occurrence I'm looking for, I have to use mouse to click on the note at that occurrence position, to get focus on it; otherwise, I have to type TAB, to move the focus out of search box, then type command-l to focus on note title, then type TAB again to focus on the beginning of the note body, then hit up/down and the page will immediacy scroll to the beginning of note so that I can move my caret down to my target position - which you can see is a great hassle; ideally I should be able to just type focus-the-note shortcut after I've found my target occurrence with command-g, to directly move the caret to that highlighted occurrence.

- Focus on the left-side-bar

This may be just a minor thing. Some time user may want to move focus to the left-side-bar, and use up/down to select the notebook, instead of having to type the notebook name to jump to.

I believe with better keyboard support in Evernote, it will become an extremely efficient tool that everyone will addict to.

Thanks much for this great product!

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