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(Archived) Feature Requests for Evernote 5 for Mac/PC



Since I can't find a place to make direct feature requests, or a consolidated thread with said content, I'll start one here.

I'll start it off:

1. When adding place names for note locations, many cities are not available. Two examples I've run into are Bsharri, Lebanon, and Zakho, Iraq. In the info popover, when I enter these city names, it turns red, meaning it is not in the Evernote database. However, when I look at the atlas view in Evernote 5, those cities are appear on the map, spelled the same way I typed it in the location field for my note(s).

2. This is mentioned in another thread. Designating images for graphical notebook covers would be a great feature.

3. It's probably not in the plans, but it would be great to have some cleaner UI for images when there are multiple images in a single note. Instead of having them appear in-line, taking up much space in the note, the option for a single frame to tab through the photos (like the iOS Food app does) would be awesome.

4. Also, the ability to resize images in the body of a note would be really great.

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* In the atlas view, it would be nice if when zoomed out on the map, the flags did not group so generally. with notes from the middle east, india, and SE asia, i get one flag in the middle with a number in it. It doesn't help track locations much. it would be nicer to have a bunch of smaller pins, grouped only as generally as a region within a country, but nothing more general than that

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I have one for the list.

Love the new smart searching - it would be great to include that when creating links in note. I link a lot of notes together and would like an easier way to do that.

Notational Velocity has something like this. It auto completes a link for you. I think it is a handy feature, though at the moment, not my top priority :)

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