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How I use Evernote


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I saw a posting on LifeHacker where the poster said he didn't understand the appeal and value of Evernote. So I posted a reply which seemed to merit posting here too.

My work, family, and personal life has a lot of moving parts. Evernote helps me keep them all organized. It is mostly a place to collect notes on a wide variety of topics.

Such as:

- Work

- The three new products I'm bringing to market for my company

- The five existing products I need to sustain

- The ideas I have for new products

- Tasks that don't directly link to either of the above

- Travel plans: flight info, times, etc.

- Travel perk memberships for airlines and hotels

- Photos of whiteboard sessions, customers using our products, customers with cool ideas...

- Home

- Repetitive maintenance tasks

- Shopping lists for Lowes/Home Depot

- Family

- Gift ideas for my wife,three kids, and me (for when they ask what I want for ...)

- Clothing sizes for everyone

- Medical info including last immunization, allergies, ongoing medication

- Which ink cartridge each printer uses

- Model, make, VIN, year, color, and more for each of the cars

- Personal

- Tasks I've committed to for church, social groups, etc.

- Names of new people I've recently met or whose name I'm likely to forget (most, sadly)

- Books I'd like to order from the library

The alternative is an endless collection of paper scraps. Evernote isn on both my work and personal cell phone, home desktop, office laptop, personal laptop, iPad, and an Android tablet. No matter where I am I have at least one of these. I can make a note, it always goes into the right place, and everything syncs beautifully and automatically.

Without Evernote, or something very similar, I'd be in deep trouble.

And that's how I use Evernote- with gratitude to the inventors.

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Thanks for your post, JS.

I see this more of a "What I use Evernote for" rather than a "How I use Evernote" post. I'm pretty new to Evernote and like to see how other people are using it so I can improve the way I use it.

If you could share more details of how you use it, I'd appreciate it.


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