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This application is almost the perfect tool for me. I teach wood working and have found a wonderful work flow using skitch. Currently devoloping station cards for work stations related to sharpening tools. I can take micro shots of tool positioning on the sharpening stones with my iphone in the owlie bubo, emediatly have them available on my ipad, add arrows and text and then open in pages. Having all of this be a part of Evernote is amazing. I can create and agrigate class content to class folders and be able to leave the shop with a finished document in hand. The one issue is you cant controll the size of the text box. It defaults to a log string. If there is enough text the string is so long it spans the screen and you cant evan acsess the the end to shrink it. The only option at this point is to delete text or the entire string. If there was the option to controll the shape and size to create a square of text it would be perfect. Of course the defailt would have to be multiple lines of text to avoide the unwieldy super string. I hope you consider this improvement as this app could become one of those that i cant live without. I have included three images. The first is an example of what I am using skitch for (it seems this is not the forst pic but the second), the other two highlight this issue. Thank you in advance for this wonderful tool.


The ability to create a qr code and put it in there could be highly useful. Through this I could direct my students to more content through the class hand outs. Thanks again.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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