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I found these instructions for converting an existing list into a checklist, but they seem incorrect. Following them, I deleted the entire existing list and replaced it with a check box. Is there another way to convert an existing list to a checklist?

Turn a list into a checklist in Evernote for Mac

In Evernote for Mac, you can turn a new or existing list into a checklist by simply highlighting the list, then selecting checkbox mode.


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Yes, that will work, though it is cumbersome. I had seen an illustration that suggested an entire list could be converted at once. I guess not. I was trying to convert a shopping list created in another application.

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Yes, I recall that this was added to the Mac at one point according to the release notes.

It would be useful if it were added to the Windows Client (and the rest) as well.

OT: Regarding your image, it looks as though you are trying to paste the link to an image in your Evernote account. I don't think this is possible unfortunately.

It may be easier to share a note with the image, or attach it in the forum.

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