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(Archived) ScanSnap + Batch Abbyy OCR + EN Watch Folder = Double Import


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I have scoured the internet for the proper setup and feel I have it right but despite that I get two notes for every scan when I try to use a batch OCR approach. Here are the basics I have set:

1. ScanSnap Profile:

- Application: "ABBYY Scan to Searchable PDF"

- Image saving folder: A local folder that is designated an import folder for Evernote

- Scanning: Auto/Auto/Duplex/Continue

- File Option: PDF - No OCR selected

2. ABBYY 4.1 Settings

- General Options: "Delete scanned images after recognition selected"

- Scan to Searchable PDF: "Text under the page image", Medium/Automatic

When I scan in something I get one searchable PDF in the watch folder but two notes in EN. It appears to me as if Evernote grabs the original scan the seconed it hits the watch folder, but Abbyy begins processing it for OCR, finishes, deletes the original and replaces it with the searchable one which triggers Evernote to do second import.

This exact batch setup is recommended several places in different articles I have read. It's weird that it seems as if no one else is having this problem or not many people are using this technique. I did find one reference to batch Abbyy OCR'ing to a separate folder then occasionally manually moving files from there to the EN watch folder. I would prefer to work out the problem then to messing around with manually moving files around.

If I don't use Abbyy batch OCR how else would you recommend scanning in reams of documents. I really want an automatic process approach otherwise it is going to be way to much effort to get mountain of paperwork scanned in.

Thanks for any suggestions or help.


Window 7, SP1, 64-Bit


ScanSnap 5.1 L51

Fujitsu S1500

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