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(Archived) Evernote 5: Create Shortcut Based on Current View?



Okay, trying to get the hang of Evernote 5 for OSX.

You click into a notebook, then you select the tag filter within the middle section (i.e. where the cards or snippet are) and select the tag you are looking at.

How do you create a saved search from this result or create a link to this result in the shortcuts area?

Sorry if this is not clear, but if I have a notebook called "Active Projects" and then a tag called "Project A", how do I create a link to that within the shortcuts area? (I know I could create a saved search and then drag that, but it seems that it would be easier to be able to do it within the normal course of limiting your active notes).

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I came here looking to do something similar and then figured it out. You use the search bar at the top right and perform you search based on your notebooks and tags, then click EDIT > FIND > SAVE SEARCH

Then the next time around, you can click on the search box and you should be able to see your saved search!


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Yeah, I figured out how to make a Saved Search (although it was not very intuitive), but really when you are in a notebook and choose to limit to a tag based on that drop down, it seems like it would be easy to add a way to save that view, rather than recreating it as a saved search.

Along these same lines, I really wish they hadn't taken away the ability to see a list of tags active in that notebook in the left bar. It shows all tags or no tags. The old version you could set it so that if you are in a notebook, it only shows those tags that are used.

Oh well...

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