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(Archived) How to tag a note with "funny" if the tag is "my funny notes"?

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Short answer: yes

In the example you give, type m and it will narrow the choices to only tags that begin with m

Type my and you narrow the choices further.

Tip: try to stick with short tag names utilizing a consistent format

Alternate: add a underscore or hyphen between words (avoids the need for quotation marks when searching)

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On ios you can start with a letter from anywhere in the tag, IMHO this is how it should work across all clients because it's just not convenient to have to always remember the first letter of every Tag

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Yeah, I got used to it so much that I find it painful to add Tags to Notes in windows or with evernote web clipper now.

Here's an example of adding tags on iPad


I typed "vid" and got all kinds of Tag suggestions, not only the ones that start with "vid". It's really handy, and it's much easier to add Tags this way.

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