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(Archived) How to search in tags only in the middle of a tag

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Evernote can only search entire words or the beginning letters, but not something in the middle.

There are many possible solutions. My suggestion is to rename the tag (easily done) to a more consistent format.

To avoid creating a lot of month tags, I would 1.) add the date YYYYMMDD to the front of the titles and 2.) tag items with tag: Event

But since you want to only search tags, the easiest method is to use 2 tags:

tag 1: Event

tag 2: Nov (I try to use short tags)

A search for tag:Event tag:Nov would find the notes.

If the event re-occurs annually, you could add a year tag, but that might be overkill because all you need to do is look at your search results sorted Chronologically.


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Hm, did I just light the bulb??

I found an answer it seems. I'll take the above example where a tag's name was 2010 event. Now if I rename it to _2010 _event it changes everything! Now when I search for event it returns results from notes and titles only, and if I search for _event it returns results from tags only - even if this word is in the middle of a tag! And I don't even have to use the "tag:" function anymore! And theres is unprobable that there will be a note that has a word event with _ before it.

I hope this "hack" won't be "fixed" in the coming releases ;)


One more thing. After rename of tags I had to refresh indexing database (or something like that) since it ignored the changes. So I selected all notes, tagged them with a tag test123 and then removed this same tag. This somehow refreshed Evenotes's index and it works!


It seems to work if I use _ but not with . (a dot) . Didn't try other characters.

UPDATE3 (this is starting to be a tutorial it seems)

You can even optimize your tags with word you want to search for and the ones you don't want to search for. Example: Let's say you have a tag "_el _camino _de _santiago". But if you don't want to search all these words, just remove the spaces between them and the tag should be "_el_camino_de_santiago". Hope it makes sense - someone give a better example if needed:)


Ok, I found some other symbols that work aswell: ß and ł or Ł (both are the same in EN). Crazy stuff:)

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