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(Archived) Coupla comments about WM

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Very pleased that the WM client is a real client!! (I was so excited about this that actually re-installed it on my TyTN II !!)

It's working pretty well but I've noticed a couple of things:

1) Minor: In the user summary on the Settings page it shows Account type: Free when I'm a Premium user.

2) I have quite a few images amongst my notes that have text on them that I would need to read and there appears to be no way to zoom into the image. In the default size it shows the whole image but the text is quite unreadable. (This applies to the Windows PC client as well, actually.)

3) There is no way to view single notebooks. It's a bit cumbersome having to have to scroll through all notes when I really just want a certain category.

4) The thumbnail files are being stored in main memory even though I've installed EN on the storage card. Hopefully there's a way to move these (main memory fills up so quickly!).


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I would echo number (4) above. My native memory on the phone got full quite fast even though I have installed to the storage card. Also, I would request a delete note option that could be accessed from the list view, rather than needing to access the note in order to delete.

Finally, being able to choose by tags from the GUI interface would be a plus.

All that said, nice work on the new mobile client. It is a huge stride well done, and makes EN3 much more usable from mobile. Good stuff.

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