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(Archived) Version 5: can't move a newly created notebook into a previous notebook



I'm using the list format, since having to flip through all the large icons frankly takes way too long. I want to just see the notebook I need, click and its there. But at least in the list version, I cannot put one notebook into another that already has sub-notebooks in the left-hand menu like I have always done in Evernote. What's the trick in this new version? This is obviously an essential movement to be able to do!!!

Also the Note>Move options in the top menu are grayed out.

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Nope. In the new fancy version 5 which I unfortunately downloaded this morning, I chose the View>Sidebar Options>Show notebook list, to make it work like it's always worked! BUT...the only thing you can do is choose a notebook to open. You can't delete one, you can't stack it on top of another, etc. It's almost useless. Instead, I finally figured out, you have to go click on the Notebooks icon with the little red bookmark which then opens up all the notebook icons you have on that page along with their sub-notebooks, but because they're now all nice and big and pretty with their nice big icons, I have to swipe through two pages to get to what I want to then drag and move. It's a waste of time and screen space, ala Google's last Gmail version which also was a labor of love by the designer gods' with their vaunted White Space. Google finally had so many complaints on Spacing that they rescinded the worst examples of space hogging space. Ugh.

I'm convinced this is because the designers and their bosses all have 27-30 in. screens to work on and as 1%ers they don't have to work with the 99%ers 13-15 inch laptops!

Then there's the left-hand menu of notebooks which now is virtually useless except to open a notebook...but hey, it doesn't matter if we have to waste time and clicks and swipes...doesn't it all just look so pretty on the Notebooks page? Geez. Who took over design at Evernote, which has been a fine, wonderful example of a great app.?gggrrrr.

If someone can tell me how to go back to the previous version until someone in charge finally tries to use Evernote with lots of notebooks and notes on a 13" screen. I can't imagine what this will be like on the iPad. I'm sure not going to try it.

I already gave up on the iPad version because it takes SO long to get to what I need, but it didn't really matter because I use my MacBook Pro for almost all my Evernote work. I just had no idea they were going to port the ills of the iPad version back to the full computer version. NOT!! They're destroying all that make Evernote wonderful, in this frenzy to use more visuals, when Evernote is not a photo-based app as far as I have ever seen or heard. What a shame. How can I go back to the old version!!!?????

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I am also trying to create a new notebook and move it to an existing notebook stack. I do not see any menu option to do this nor does drag and drop work.

How could you ship a product version that omits this feature? Why remove functionality as simple as this? Didn't you test the product?

I will keep trying various ways to do this, and appreciate any help.

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I have figured out how to to do this movement (that should be stupid simply done but with the new UI makes you stay in that terrible notebook view), just switch to the way that is less functional and then you can drag it there. By less functional I mean the notebook view.

I love evernote but I don't know what happened with 5 this was an epic fail in my book, I don't see new functionality that is that ground breaking, and having to click more seems just bad design to me, what ever happened to the 3 click rule?

Hope that helps.

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I just tried what I think bburky was suggesting. Double click on Notebooks in side bar. Once opened, be sure it's on grid view (I think that's what it's called). View option is just under the search box, to the extreme right of screen. This will show notebooks as brown folders and stacks as brown folders with a white ribbon. From this view, it worked for me to drag one note onto another to create a stack. The name of the stack will be the one the other was dragged into. I'm sure there's a way to change the title later.


I agree with so many who have said the new version might be nicer looking to its designers, but it's definitely been an effort to relearn to use it. Poor, if any, how-to info and definitely less intuitive than the last version.


These forums are lifesavers.


And life goes on...

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