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(Archived) Notes not showing up on Atlas



I know many forum posters don't like the new Atlas feature -- I think it is cool because I love maps. I routinely geocode my photos in Aperture, so geocoding my notes seems like a logical step. Particularly notes in my "Travel" notebook that represent trip planning and notes from past trips.

Anyway, last night I went through and manually updated a large number of notes with addresses or coordinates (depending on the location - some were from camping trips, so they didn't have street addresses). Unfortunately, these notes are NOT showing up on Atlas. I thought perhaps I put in invalid/unrecognized locations, BUT then I checked my phone. These notes (at least some of them) ARE showing up in the expected places in the iPhone Places view.

So the locations should be right...but Mac 5.0 is not picking them up for the Atlas view.

I have several notes with the exact same location, and some are showing up and some are not. I can't find any common thread between the ones that work and the ones that don't.

Anyone else see this? Any solutions? I like the concept of Atlas, but it isn't useful if you can't manually update locations and have them work.

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I did run into a similar problem in beta with notes that had been created in Food, but that was resolved. Will reup and we'll check out. Thanks for submitting a ticket. We may ask for some addiitional information from you to try and nail down the problem.

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I've done a little more experimentation. I went back to a few of the notes that aren't on the atlas and made a small edit - such as adding a few words in the note title. On the ones I've tried so far, this DID correct and those notes now show up on the Atlas!

When I have more time, I'll try this on the rest of my missing notes and see if it makes them show up.

Hoping this additional info helps you diagnose.

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