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(Archived) webclipper autocomplete not working the same as it used to?


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I'm sure the webclipper tag field used to allow us to just press "tab" to select the first item in the autocomplete list (as the tag field in Evernote Web does), but lately it seems to require me to press the down arrow to actually select the first item before pressing "tab". If I just press tab it leaves the word half completed. It's not a massive problem, but it does make it just a tiny bit slower to add tags, and is a different behaviour to both Evernote Web and other apps that have a similar autocomplete function (e.g. Delicious) so it's not quite as intuitive as it should be & I keep making mistakes now. Is this a bug, or was it changed for a reason?

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I think this is a side effect of a fix for a different bug. Previously, if you had an existing tag named "dipsy" in your account, there wasn't any way to assign a new tag "dips" to the new note, because the auto-complete would always select the existing (longer) match. Now, we don't auto-accept the matching auto-completed tag if you don't type in the full name unless you explicitly select it.


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Are there any plans to fix this? I thought I'd get used to the new behaviour, but I'm actually finding it incredibly annoying. I used to be able to clip & tag things from the web one-handed in a couple of seconds: type first letter or two of one tag, press tab, type first letter or two of next tag, press tab, etc. It was so easy to clip things and tag them properly, but now it just seems so much more time consuming. I know, I know, we're only talking a matter of a few more seconds and the use of two hands, and that doesn't seem like a huge thing, but psychologically it is. I had a really good tagging system which hardly required any thought at all, but it suddenly seems a lot more cumbersome since the webclipper changed.

I don't quite understand the bug fix you applied; couldn't you have made a distinction between pressing tab and typing a comma? Selecting the existing tag makes sense if you press tab after typing the letters, whereas typing the new tag followed by a comma should create the new tag. That seems like logical & intuitive behaviour, and it mimics what people are used to with other tools with tagging, such as Delicious (except they use spaces rather than commas). I realise that these things often aren't as simple as they seem to an outsider, but surely there's some way this bug could have been fixed without breaking the webclipper tagging for those of us who want to add lots of tags quickly!

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