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(Archived) I can't share note by eamil.

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I have a problem when I use evernote share a notebook (txt, no attachment) by email to another evernote user's ******@m.evernote.com

Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason:

Emailed note was received, but Evernote did not understand the email address. It may be mistyped, or the user may not exist. Please check to make sure the address was properly entered.

I check email address much time. It’s right.

How can I solve this problem? Thanks!

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So, I *think* I know what may be happening here.

It sounds like you're trying to share a notebook to an Evernote email address. Which I have never done, but something tells me that would cause some problems--perhaps create a infinite meta-loop that ends the world (kidding).

The Evernote user email address (...@m.evernote.com) is only for receiving notes via email to that users Evernote account, and not an email account in the traditinoal sense. I would try sharing to the user's email account used to set up Evernote, or whatever other email you happen to know that they own. It will send them an email asking to join that notebook.

If I'm misinterpreting, let me know. It's quite possible.

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Just tried it, and it does work, but I wouldn't recommend, because it's not a real email address and won't provide the same functionality.

I'd suggest creating a support ticket so we can work internally on the email, OR private message me this information so I can check into it personally.

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