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(Archived) Idea for Evernote

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I love my Evernote and have been using it to keep "life" which these days includes work, own business and grad school organized. Not to mention all the fun stuff too.

I wish, wish wish.....Evernote could include a function(s) that reference manager software like Mendeley or EndNote have for writing papers that also embeds information into WORD doc as needed.

Right now, I'm like a crazy person, with most of my resources in Evernote -- now migrating over to Mendeley as needed. Why? Well, I started off using Evernote for not only note taking all through grad school, but for organizing reading material, research files, etc. so everything is in there!! But now when I writing, I need those items in a reference manager tool -- so citing is easier (can I also mention, APA format...grrrr!!)

Thoughts on my wish? Possible?? Soon?? Yes??

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I think all that Metrodon was doing, is expressing his opinion based on what he has seen/read on the forum.

Of course it is important for software writers/programmers to be aware of what people need, but they cannot obviously cater for everyone.

When I used to sell quality control software to the motor industry, 1 or 2 floppy discs could cost £25k and it would not always do everything the customer wanted. I explained that it could be written specifically for them, but the cost would go up to £100 - 200k +!

I believe that whilst we should keep asking for things to be done if we need them, the important thing with software is for users to work within it's limitations for their own purposes. Basically no product will be 100% but you should find ways of making it work for you!

By the way, this is not a statement on the OP's original request, just an overview of software in general.

Best regards


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Evernote now has apparently over 40 million users, trying to build software that is specialised enough to meet all the possible use cases is not impossible, it's just so expensive that no one is going to do it.

As a user, I don't want Evernote bloated out with specialised functionality, if I need a spreadsheet then I use a spreadsheet app it is already specialised and I can store the file in Evernote if I choose to.

I'm a firm believer in picking the best tool for the job, not trying to squeeze everything into one place.

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To amplify what Metrodon is saying, one of the things that Evernote has done is built a robust API that allows specialized application to be piggy-backed onto the more general Evernote storage services.

For example, if someone wanted to build a free-form layout tool (something that Evernote has not seemed interested in doing, to date), and have its documents be stored in Evernote, they could do so, since Evernote notes are encoded in an XHTML based language.

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