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(Archived) Multifunction Printers

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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a new multifunction printer for home use. While looking at the Evernote Trunk the other day I noticed the link to the Brother web site. I followed that link, searched everywhere on Brother's (UK) website and couldn't find a single model that said it supported a Scan To Evernote feature. So I started Googling and I've found so many vague documents it's unbelievable. I did find a link to a Brother printer that may support this feature but it was really vague and only appears to be available in the US. The only document I found that said a specific model of printer (made by HP) has a scan to Evernote feature built in to it was for a model that is no longer made.

I don't really want to but a multifunction printer AND a separate scanner just for Evernote. Is there a list somewhere of printer models that have a scan to Evernote feature (or the ability to add one) so I can do some comparisons or am I misunderstanding this whole concept?



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I'm going through the same exercise and did the same as you. I dug around in manuals on Brother's website (looking at DCP-J315W) and I think that the way to do it would be to scan to your mobile device and to open up that scan in the Evernote app and save the note. Alternatively, using the ControlCenter software on a Mac or PC it looks like you can set applications to run when you scan a document, so it would be possible to start up Evernote perhaps, or scan the file to an Evernote import folder?

I will look at other manufacturers and see what their solutions are, if you find something please post back here :)

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You can use any scanner to put your scanned pages into a folder that will be automatically linked to Evernote.

Works simply and just like the scanners that link to Evernote it allows you to move the scanned 'notes' to wherever you want afterwards.

However, I have two scanners and for normal use recommend the 'ScanSnap S1300' which scans both pages at the same time, is small and simple in it's functions.

I also have the rechargeable battery powered Doxie scanner. Which is tiny - goes in my back pack when I commute on the bike to work - and will store the scans until you link it to your computer. The benefit of this for me, is I can scan any document anywhere.

Best regards


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I am glad I am not the only one confused by the EN Trunk and Brother! 


I have found so many other Brother printers available by just searching for evernote in Amazons printer section but they are still quite confusing!


I am thinking about buying this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-Photosmart-6520-e-All-in-One-Printer/dp/B0099MS8M2


Does anyone have any experience with this model or indeed should I be looking at another? I am looking for the cheapest possible really, the only functions I am interested in is scanning to EN directly and the occasional A4 print so this Brother seems overkill.


I looked into getting a separate scanner and printer but the standalone scanners seem very pricey (eg doxie) and I just dont need portability at all.


Thanks for reading!

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The Epson Workforce 3520 is a scanner / inkjet printer that can scan directly to Evernote (or Google Drive) without the need for a computer. For Evernote, it actually emails the PDF it creates to your Evernote email address. All of my scans come through to the same Evernote folder with almost the same title. I rename the note and move it to the desired folder and tag it, but sometimes this is a day or two later. It is nice to be able to quickly scan something and not have to worry about accessing a computer, phone or tablet when you are doing the initial scan.

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I looked at the Epson but found two cheaper options in the Canon PIXMA MX455 and Canon PIXMA MX395. Both scan to cloud apps including Evernote but I went for the more expensive option as I wanted the networking capabilities. 


If you search for Evernote on Amazon they dont show up but do in Google - the cynic in me thinks Amazon spikes its search results to show you the newer more expensive options when you search... With the money I have saved from going for one of the Brothers listed in the Trunk I am halfway to a Doxie Go!

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let's continue here...

I'm looking for a new multifunction printer, but mainly for scanning into Evernote.


All the big Companies (HP, Brother, Canon and Epson) have some sort of scan-to-cloud , but unfortunately I find strange limits.

I'm looking for a way to scan directly from the scanner to Evernote and hopefully to have different presets for scanning documents, pictures, etc

I bought a Brother MFC-J4510DW, which had great technical specs but it didn't help. When scanning to Evernote (from the scanner) I couldn't adjust the compression which where too hard. And it only supported color or B/W, not greyscale, which I prefer to use on most documents. Yes, I know you can do this from the computer, but my goal is not have to run back and forth.

HP and Canon had bad sales support, so no help there. Epson gave me an explanation of their Epson Connect solution, but I'm not sure about the details. (WF-3520 and WF-3540)

So I was hoping that we can share our experiences here, to find the best multifunction printer.

Any experience you can share?

Like the new HP Officejet Pro 251dw or maybe a laser type?

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The Canon MX455 has software to do everything you have listed but most of the options cannot be set on the device itself. Those that can are so unwieldy and time consuming you wouldn't want to - also the LCD screen is tiny, very faint and points upwards so if you want to read it you need to stand up...


My solution was to buy a bigger desk and now the huge printer sits next to me!


The software itself isn't great and I was disappointed that the 'integration' with Evernote consists of one setting which dumps all scans into your default notebook. Thus you are no better off than if you had one of the cheaper options that emails your files to Evernote.


It seems that the only option is going to be with the super expensive Scansnap Evernote edition which looks great but at that price and with the huge UK markup they can keep it!


Edit: To add a positive the canons document feeder for the scanner is pretty good - takes sheafs of A4 pages (my record is around a hundred) without complaining and the only jams have been the crumpled old papers fault! The manual duplex works very well too and work are thinking of getting one as our huge business photocopier and scanning machine with auto duplex fails so often it is a joke!

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