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Keyboard Shortcut - Switch / Toggle between notes



In any other program—Microsoft Word for example—I can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + ` to switch between documents. I see no equivalent here. I would like to create a new note based on information in a current note and would like to be able to quickly toggle back and forth to review information or copy/paste material.

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Are you referring to the Windows client?

In Windows, you can open up separate note windows; these are available as targets on the Alt+Tab key shortcut. If you're not using separate note windows, you visit the notes in succession. Then you can easily use the Alt++ and Alt+- note history shortcuts to move backward and forward between the two notes

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I was talking about Mac, but this solution works on Mac as well. I still think it would be nice to be able to switch back and forth between notes within the main window, without having to open notes in a new window, but I actually hadn't thought about doing this and it works perfectly for the intended purpose. Thanks!

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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Evernote for Mac which allows for toggling between open EN windows? Cmd + ` which works in other programs does not seem to work with EN. 


I use a MacBook Air, so my screen size is relatively small, so I like to have windows in full screen to maximise what I can see, and therefore can't click back and forth between notes quickly. I need to use the Window menu with the mouse to switch windows.


I've not found any solution, so bumping this post. Thanks!

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