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(Archived) Evernote 5.0 - Two Toolbar Issues



First, I really like the overall design of Evernote 5.0. Change is hard on people and some will complain. And with any major release, there will be a lot of small things which need improvement. But I think it is definitely a step in the right direction.

A couple of quick thoughts on the Toolbar:

1) It needs to be customizable!

2) If I turn the toolbar off, "Search Notes" is no longer available. Selecting "Search Notes" via the menu or keyboard shortcut doesn't do anything. Since "Search Notes" is so fundamental to the Evernote experience, you should figure out a way to handle this. Either open the searchbar as a temporary window, or perhaps just force the toolbar to be shown (easier than show toolbar followed by search notes).

Good luck!

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I am impressed so far with 5.0. Looks and feels great. One suggestion I would like (once again) to put out there is for the "Search Notes" to be clear on startup and not default to the last search. I have always found that annoying and would at least like to have a Preferences option to turn that off.

So...I am putting that our there for considerations.

Great job on 5.0.

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