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(Archived) Note scaling problem in Evernote 5.0 for Mac



The previous version of Evernote had no problem scaling individual note's view/window so that the the page width alway fitted in that view and thus the entire width of the note was fully visible.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Evernote 5.0 windows. The note does not scale to the width of its window. Additionally, the right edge of the note view is cut off (missing) and even when I scroll the page horizontally to the right, I still see rightmost text being cut off along the entire height of the note. As a result scrolling a page horizontally does not allow me to read the note, as the rightmost characters are missing. I have to open it in its own window on top of Evernote and then make this window wide enough. Once I do that, then the entire note fits the window and the rightmost character are not longer cut off (missing) from display.

This issue seems to manifest itself only when I forward an email from Outlook (on Windows) or Apple Mail application (on Mac) and that message contains formatted text (e.g. sale receipt from iTunes Store) or images (images also have their right edge not displaying). If the email contains just normal text, then the note adjusts itself to the width of its window by wrapping the text.

I wanted to attach a screenshot (JPEG file) to illustrate the problem, but I got an error message stating that I was not allowed to attach this file type. I can email it to Evernote support if needed.

I am running Evernote 5 on 13-in MAcBook Pro (mid-2012) with Mountain Lion 10.8.2.



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I reported this in a couple different threads — with a screenshot but I'm afraid it got lost in the shuffle. One other poster encountered the same bug and, thankfully, found a solution that's worked for me. Here's a repost from another thread:

Unfortunately, that screen width bug is still present in the 5.0 release. Thankfully sschwertz' fix works.

Unfortunately, the ends of lines are still be cutting off unless the note is opened in a separate window. Fingers crossed this is fixed in Beta 3. I can't read anything in the note pane.

ETA: This is what it looks like. This is the bottom of the note pane so you can see the lack of horizontal scroll. Making the pane wider does nothing. Reducing font size, nothing.


Seeing the same behavior with PDFs. They don't resize down properly to fit within the note pane. Images are fine.

And apparently I'm the only person experiencing this bug.

I just downloaded the beta today, and I did see this as well. So far with my experimentation, it happens in this scenario:

1. Set Evernote to full screen.

2. Quit evernote.

3. Restart Evernote. It automatically opens up in full screen and the right side of the note pane is cut off. At that point there seems to be no fix -- changing full screen or resizing the panes does nothing.

I was able to "fix" it on mine by leaving full screen mode and exiting Evernote (so exiting out while in a "normal" window). Then I restarted and it came up in non-full screen with the correct note pane.

So try that and see if it helps! Hopefully this info will help them fix this bug.

EDIT: OK, so I ran into this again and the trick I described above didn't work. Tried a bunch of things, quitting, restarting, etc. Finally tried this: Made the note column (in card view) more narrow so it only was only 2 notes wide. Then exited and came back in and my note panes are back to normal.

So I'm thinking on launch, evernote is sizing the note pane to some fixed size rather than basing it on the width of the panes. And then from that point on, it resizes in proportion to that size. So if the initial size is wrong, you're stuck.

I just repeated this again, but this time I switched to list view and exited. That also solved the problem.

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OK, here is the public URL to a sample note that experiences the problem I described:


This is a typical iTunes invoice email that I received in my Apple Mail application and forwarded from there to my Evernote account.

I you want me to email this note as ENEX file, you will need to provide an email address I can send it to.

By the way, the very same page scaling problem (screen width bug) is reported by multiple users in this thread:



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