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(Archived) Feature Request: Search builder.



My biggest use for Evernote is on the Mac, but this would apply to other platforms as well.

In Mac OSX if you go into the Finder and enter anything into the search section the results come up with a bar at the top that starts with "Search: This Mac..." and at the end is a + icon. Clicking that you can build your searches using dropdowns. The first has:

Kind, Last Opened Date, Last Modified Date, etc.

if you choose Kind for example there is another dropdown that gives you choices like:

Application, Document, Executable, etc.

This leads me to think how useful such a thing would be for Evernote Searches! The first box would let you choose Notebook, Tag, Created, Modified, etc. The second box would changed depending on the first. Choose Notebook or tag it lists your notebooks or tags. Choose one of the date fields and it gives a date select dialog.

This would improve Evernote's search so much since the user who just wants to use it could have advanced search with basic knowledge and the geeks could use that memory space for something other than tag:, etc.

If Evernote search were made like the Finder search is done we could even add new criteria for family vacation destinations without having to memorize or look up an alphabet soup:

Tag:Florida Notebook:Vacation intitle:beach resource:image/jpg -tag:adult

Thanks for Evernote!

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I am putting this here because it is related:

I am impressed so far with 5.0. Looks and feels great. One suggestion I would like (once again) to put out there is for the "Search Notes" to be clear on startup and not default to the last search. I have always found that annoying and would at least like to have a Preferences option to turn that off.

So...I am putting that our there for considerations.

Great job on 5.0.

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