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(Archived) cannot see images in the note despite thumbnail was visible in the snippet view


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used web clipper addon to clip image from firefox to evernote. when opening the note, no image was showed despite thumbnail was visible in the snippet view. when turning on the status bar, it says "Images: 1".

win7, firefox 17, evernote 4.5.10

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Same on

Mac (5.0.1)

iPad And iPhone (5.0.0)

Thumbnail appears in card and snippets views. Note is blanked when opened.

Image create with the camera as a photo on the iPhone.

Other images created in the same way appears. No obvious pattern yet.

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I am also experiencing this, just registered and wanted to open a similar topic, but guess I can vent here.

I've also noticed that there is usually a difference between drag and drop and using the attach icon - drag and drop will just attach but not show images, while attach will show them 70% of the time.

The images are there, just not shown. Very similar with other file types, they get attached but there's no way to tell what exactly is attached to the note until you export it.

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I'm having the same problem (in Windows desktop). In a note with multiple images only half of them are visible. It is not a question of being patient and wait. They still won't display after a long time. It is clear from the web interface that they are indeed attached (embedded).

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I have the same issue as the OP, but authoring notes on iOS 6. Exporting the note shows that the en-note element is broken, but the image is intact as a resource—which explains why it still shows up in the snippet.


@Jeff, I've opened a ticket, and am supplying Fiona with more info to give to QA.


It would be great if one (or more) us could reliabily reproduce this problem, so that we can give the steps to the devs. I'm trying, without success, so far.

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Last night I opened support ticket 16051-276792 with the following text:


This affects both Web Clipper and See Clearly. Certain images when
clipped do not get stored in the notes but instead reference the
original URL, which is wrong when the client is not logged into a
service which hosted the URL. This is true both on Firefox 10.0.6 /
Solaris 11.1 / Clipper 5.5.1 and IE 9 on Windows 7 with the latest

Example bad web clip:


Same clip with Clearly:


Notice that both clips have an embedded image:


This is viewable by me on my web browser right now because I am logged into
the service. When I view this on my tablet, the image will have a broken

Please advise on how to clip a page and embed the image into the note.


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